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Spectra Disposable Milk Collection Bags 90 CT



The Spectra Disposable Milk Collection Bags are double-lined providing a sturdy and spill-proof structure. Each Spectra Disposable Milk Collection Bag when filled with breastmilk, will stand upright allowing accurate readings from the measurement scale. After filling a milk bag, Spectra highly recommends labeling each bag with the correct date of use which is located on the front. It’s important to remember to leave at least 1 inch of milk from the seal when storing bags in the freezer as breastmilk will expand as it freezes.

  • BPA-free materials
  • zip-top seal for long and safe storage
  • safe storage in the fridge or freezer
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PLEASE NOTEThese are for storage use only. You will require an adapter to pump directly into the bags. Adapter is not included.

What’s included?

  • 90 Disposable Milk Collection Bags
  • each bag holds 7oz/200mL


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