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Elvie Stride Hands Free Electric Breast Pump


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Elvie Stride is an ultra-quiet, hands-free breast pump that sits under your clothing, offering more mobility and discretion. Elvie Stride gives you back control of your hands – and your day.

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Pumping Made Easy

Pump Features

Hands Free

It's completely hands free, so you can use it any time, any where.

Leak Proof

Mama, it's leaf proof, & sits quietly under your clothes.

Smart Pumping

Control your pump and track production in real-time with the app

Easily Washable

Wash by hand or pop in the dishwasher

Pump In Silence

The Elvie Stride is made to go noise free, so you can pump in silence, any time, any where. Elvie Stride always blends into the background for true expression discretion. That way, you never miss a beat (or a single drop of milk).

Lightweight In-Bra

Weighing less that 5 oz per cup, our breast pump feels lightweight and compact while you collect milk in-bra. The discreet silhouette looks natural under clothing, so you always hit your stride.

Go Hands-Free Pumping

No dangling bottles, no balancing acts, no wires that bind. Elvie Stride is designed to keep your hands and body free to move. Take a walk, a call, or just take time for yourself.

Elvie Stride hands-free electric breast pump

Customize Your Comfort

10 intensity settings in both Stimulation and Expression mode enable you to pump in total comfort. Customize your pump so it always starts with your preferred settings.

pumping smarter

Connect to the Pump with Elvie app to control your pump remotely, adjust intensity settings, and keep tabs on your pumping history— without needing to reach into your bra.

Why Breast Pump Needed?

Give mom a chance to relax


Relieve pain from engorgement


New Elvie Breast Pump

Maintain your milk supply


Relieve pain from engorgement


Elvie Stride Gives You All The Freedom

For Your Easy Breastfeeding

Elvie Stride

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what’s included in a pump kit?

Elvie Stride Hands Free Electric Breast Pump
  • 1 Hub
  • 2 Cup Fronts
  • 2 Cup Seals
  • 2 Breast Shields (24mm)
  • 2 Caps
  • 1 Tube Splitter
  • 2 Short Tubes (for the Cups)
  • 1 Long Tube (for the Hub)
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 Cover
  • 2 Valves
  • 2 Diaphragms
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • Instructions for Use

1 months ago

Freemies on Steroids

I was given this pump 5 weeks ago as a product tester and I am extremely happy with it! Prior to getting this pump I was using freemie cups during the day with a spectra s2 while at work. And spectra s1 with spectra parts at home. I exclusively pump, and began by using the elvie stride for my work pumps. I quickly realized I got better output and less clogged ducts, so I began using the elvie stride for all of my pump sessions, both at work and at home. I have been very pleased with this pump! I have used the spectra s1, spectra s2, spectra s9, and elvies, and I like the stride better than all of the alternatives!

2 months ago

Best Investment!

Having both the Elvie and Elvie Stride, I feel like the Stride allows more movement than the Elvie Dual Pump. It’s just as discreet and you can fill up the milk containers of the Stride over 5 oz and not worry about spilling. It is easy to assemble!

3 months ago

Amazing Pump!

I absolutely love this pump. I own the regular Elvie and was starting to feel that it didn’t empty me all the way. That feeling is completely gone with this pump. It’s just as discreet but works so much better. The cups hold about 6oz and never leak. The downside is you have to guess at the exact oz pumped but my guesses were always pretty good. It’s super easy to travel with this and I’ve pumped around people with no issues. I love that this fits in my mini pump bag!

11 months ago

4 months ago

Easy to Use with a Great Price

The instructions were easy to follow and not many parts to wash which is great as a working momma who has time to be washing all the time. The price is just perfect and being cordless is the most amazing part about it super flexible to take anywhere and pump at any time. Super quiet so you can let baby sleep while you pump.

Elvie Breast Pump
Elvie Breast Pump

10 months ago

An Affordable Pump to Keep You from Missing Out!

This pump was the perfect accessory to a long girls day out when I was 3 months postpartum. It allowed me to stay with the group and pump from our table vs having to pump in the car like a few of the other moms on the trip. It’s easy to use and clean. I wish the app was able to track how much milk you are expressing and when it slows down so you know when to stop, but I think with more experience, I’ll have a better gage on how long I need to wear them.


Yes, simply pay with your FSA/HSA debit card at the checkout on, or pay with another card and submit your receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement (at the discretion of your provider).

Elvie Pump is designed to be worn with your standard nursing bra. Elvie Pump needs to be firmly pressed against your breast, there should be no gaps between Elvie Pump and your breast.

Each and every bra has a different level of support, so make sure to get the compression right before each session. If you are using a particularly structured and inflexible bra, the Bra Adjuster may be used to create more room.

Elvie Pump has a stimulation and an expression mode, as well as seven intensity settings so you can find the level that is most comfortable and efficient for you.

Elvie Pump may be partially covered by your insurance plan. We work with Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers who partner with various insurance providers to offer Elvie Pump via their plans. Please check their websites to see if you are eligible for Elvie Pump via your insurance provider or contact your insurance provider directly, as they will have information that is specific to you.