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Will a Mother of Twins, and Even Triplets, Have Enough Milk?

Mothers expecting twins are not always encouraged to consider breastfeeding but twins, and even triplets, can also be breastfed successfully. Milk supply works on the principle of supply and demand. Breastfeeding tells a mother’s body to produce more milk in response to her babies’ needs. With twins, more milk is removed from the breasts, so more milk is made. The best way to make sure you establish a good supply is to breastfeed your babies as soon as possible after delivery.

During the first few days and weeks, babies send signals to your milk supply and may sometimes feed more frequently. Some mothers benefit from keeping track of feedings and using a log. These frequent feedings are sometimes perceived as a sign of a lack of milk but, in turn, and if feedings happen responsively, your milk supply will swiftly increase, and your babies will settle into a pattern again. Your twins’ weight gain will reassure you that they are getting the milk they need.

Once breastfeeding is established, it gets easier to go out or travel with twins, because breastmilk is available immediately and at the right temperature. Not only does breastfeeding help a mother of twins become more mobile, it also helps your uterus contract back to its pre-pregnancy shape and size and will help a mother lose baby weight more quickly.

How Can a Mother Breastfeed Twins?

Twins can be fed one at a time or together. Confidence and the belief that it can be done are important. Attending a breastfeeding workshop or consult with a Lactation Consultant or your physician while you are pregnant will increase your confidence and find out where to get support. Many mothers of twins find that they can do both in different situations and when their babies are at various stages of development. Feeding twins together can be an effective way to establish a plentiful milk supply quickly. While mothers and their babies are still learning about breastfeeding, it may be easier to spend some time feeding separately.

In families that feed their babies at the same time, they may choose to wake the other twin at night to minimize the number of night feedings. Breastfeeding at night can be done lying down and can help a mother to establish a good supply of milk.
As the babies grow and their head control develops, it will be easier to breastfeed them together. And even later, the babies will be able to position themselves. Keeping track and using a log will benefit in decisions like when to swap breasts and which positions work best. It will vary from family to family.

Are There Specific Holding Positions for Breastfeeding Twins?

Breastfeeding cushions designed with twins in mind are more likely to enable mothers to tandem feed and even feed hands-free. However, some mothers find to prefer using normal pillows or cushions or even no cushions at all. Having someone to assist you in the early days can help you position a second baby after the first one has started feeding. The support and encouragement of friends and family is an important aspect to breastfeeding twins successfully.

What If Twins Are Born Early?

Twins are more likely to be born early than single babies. If babies are born early, their mother’s milk will be different from full-term milk and have specific advantages for pre-term babies. Breastmilk reduces a baby’s chances of becoming ill and some conditions can be particularly #healthful in a pre-term baby. Expressing breastmilk for premature babies will mean a mother is making a valuable contribution to her children’s well-being.

Will a Mother Be Too Tired to Breastfeed Twins?

Tiredness is sometimes given as a reason not to breastfeed twins, but there is no evidence that breastfeeding is tiring. In fact, breastfeeding involves the release of specific hormones that help a mother to feel relaxed. This is particularly beneficial for mothers of twins who are likely to have an even busier time than other mothers. It is important for a mother to take care of herself, eat a balanced diet, and to rest when your twins sleep.

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