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Breast Pump Advantages :-

Breast pumps are a medical tool that enables a mother to collect her breast milk. This can be useful for many reasons including.

Being Separated from Your Baby (Nicu Time, Work, School, and Even Dates/outings)

-having a portable source of the mother’s breast milk could be life-changing and a significant bonding event because it provides a genuine mother-child connection that contributes to the baby’s recovery.

If a Baby Is Having Trouble Feeding at the Breast (Latch Issues, Prematurity, Mouth Weakness, Genetic Disorders, Etc.)

-If a child has a physical reason hindering direct breastfeeding, a breast pump allows a mother to continue to feed her child breast milk.

Allows Someone Else the Ability to Feed the Baby (For Rest, for Bonding, Mom Is Away)

-Spouse/Caretaker Bonding feeding a newborn with the mother’s milk in a bottle can become a remarkable bonding event for non breastfeeding partners because they experience the joy of parental attachment and show their love by stepping in to relieve tired mammas from their midnight feedings.

Helpful to Remove Clogs and Relieve Engorgement

-A clogged milk duct left untreated can be very painful and even cause an infection called Mastitis. Mastitis can be dangerous and must be treated by a health professional. Using the pump to relieve clogs before this happens can keep you from supply issues and a course of antibiotics.

Help to Increase Breast Milk Supply

– If a mother is concerned about her breast milk supply, she should first reach out to a lactation professional for help. However, a breast pump can be an easy solution to bring a mother’s milk supply up by creating more demand. Adding in pumping along with frequent feedings will give her body the signal that more milk is needed, thus creating an increase in supply.

Create a Stash of Milk in Case of Emergency.

-One of the wonderful things about a breast pump is that milk collected can be safely stored and provide an extra supply when the baby needs to feed when you’re unavailable. Having a backup breast milk supply also provides a sense of security for mothers and spouses.

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